We are a traditional family-style restaurant with an established history and track record of serving some of the most authentic Turkish food-with a modern touch- in London. You’ll find a great range of the most popular Turkish favourites on our menu and because our portions are generous, you’ll never leave our premises with an empty stomach!

You’ll be charmed for sure by the lively and intimate feel to our restaurant, and the cosmopolitan atmosphere means that everyone is welcome to pull up a seat at one of our tables and enjoy our excellent kebabs, salads and seafood grills!

If you want a little privacy for your group, that can be arranged too as our large seating area includes a party section for you and your friends or family to create your own experience!
Come on down to Kervan Sofrasi Restaurants for one of the best ethnic food experiences in town! Look forward to seeing you soon at our new site in Wood Green.